Brooks is a public-private development, which creates opportunity for unique incentives and partnerships that are simply not available in other locations.

Brooks Incentives

Tax-Free Land. The campus is exempt from property tax as long as Brooks retains fee simple title to the property. We work with clients to develop projects that take maximum advantage of this benefit.

Flexible Financing. As the owner and developer, Brooks can structure project financing in a variety of ways, ensuring a project structure that makes the most financial sense for our clients.

Less Red Tape. The Brooks Board of Directors has legislative authority over development on the property. The result is a streamlined approach to procurement and the ability to accelerate project development schedules.

Build-to-Suit. Brooks offers over 750 acres of land for development.

Established design and development standards. The Brooks design and development standards create a clear strategy for development on the campus, which gives an added layer of confidence to new project development.

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