Chanclas y Cervezas

SAN ANTONIO – A new Fiesta event this year is highlighting the humor behind the familiar disciplinary house sandal known as the “chancla.”

  • Chancla throwing contest
  • Proceeds go to nonprofit
  • Brought back childhood memories for many

On Saturday, the organization Brooks Gives Back, hosted Chanclas y Cervezas.

“Whether it was your mom or grandma you wanted nothing to do with it when they brought out that chancla, so now we are testing out everyone’s skills,” said Connie Gonzalez, an organizer.

The event at Greenline Park in Brooks City Base allowed visitors to put their chancla throwing skills to the test with multiple activities.

“My mom was so good about it, she didn’t care what was around but the chancla – cause she wore chanclas – that bad boy would come off and we would be running,” said participant Melissa Garza.

Proceeds from the inaugural event went towards Brooks Gives Back, which benefits the growing Brooks campus and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Article originally published here: Locals Chuck Chanclas for Charity at Fiesta