Puresólspa at Brooks features a salt cave comprised of 22 tons of salt – imported directly from Poland. The large quantity of salt creates a unique climate within the cave, which has been known to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms.

Poland’s healing powers are now available in San Antonio, in the form of a salt cave.

Last fall, Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa at Brooks opened the city’s first salt cave, comprised of 22 tons of salt, to create an environment that is rumored to help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms as well as stress, according to the website.

Puresólspa, which owner Beata Huzarska Hately first launched in Boerne, offers 30- and 45-minute halotherapy sessions for $20 and $25 respectively. Sessions can also be purchased in bulk.

Hately, a native of Poland, has a family history of using salt’s health benefits. In 1964, her dad helped pioneer the world’s first underground resort in Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine, according to the website.

The experience inside the cave at the spa is described as “relaxing” while “breathing in the saturated air to increase the supply of key minerals and elements in the body.”

Article originally published here: San Antonio is now home to a ‘salt cave’ claiming to benefit allergy, asthma sufferers