SAN ANTONIO – The Economic Development Administration awarded Brooks City Base $1,188,172 through a Public Works Program grant to support the Brooks Facilities Disposition and Site Abatement Project. The project will enable Brooks City Base to demolish 23 former military buildings remaining on the campus that are not suitable for re-use and are either vacant or lacking in modern-day efficiency. The project’s total cost is approximately $2,376,345. By eliminating these obsolete structures on the campus and making way for new development opportunities, Brooks estimates that the project will eventually lead to the creation of approximately 1,500 jobs.

“Brooks City Base has transformed into a thriving mixed-use community but, as a former military base, there are still several small, old or otherwise unusable buildings that we need to remove before we can fully maximize our potential,” said Brooks City Base President & CEO Leo Gomez. “Through the support of Congressman Lloyd Doggett, we were encouraged to seek this grant funding and are grateful the Economic Development Administration agrees that this is a worthwhile use of these resources.”

“These federal funds will support steady economic progress at Brooks City Base by removing some barriers to investment and completing transformation of the property to make it more appealing for private construction,” said Rep. Doggett. “In a nearly decade-long quest, Brooks City Base continues to move forward in a local, state and federal venture to revitalize this former military base.”

Of the 23 buildings identified in this project, five will undergo asbestos removal and demolition and 18 will be demolished without requiring asbestos removal. The project will also include restoration of all 23 sites to establish desired conditions for future development. The entire project will take approximately 38 months to complete.

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