Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brooks a military base?

No, the United States Air Force completely closed their operations here in 2011.

Why did Brooks Air Force Base become Brooks?

When the United States Air Force closed their military operations at Brooks Air Force Base in 2011, the Brooks Development Authority repurposed the 1,300-acre area as a mixed-use community with residential, commercial, hospitality, and academic opportunities. Brooks is now completely open to the public and invites all to live, work, learn, and play in its up-and-coming community.

Do I need an ID to get on Brooks?

Brooks is an open and completely accessible campus to the public. The military is no longer located here, so there are no security restrictions.

Does the City of San Antonio own Brooks?

No, the Brooks Development Authority owns and manages Brooks. It is a subdivision of the State of Texas and is governed by an 11-member board of directors that is appointed by the San Antonio City Council.

Are there places to live at Brooks?

Yes! There are five residential developments at Brooks open or under construction. Please see the “live” section of our website for more details.

What are you doing to save Hangar 9?

Hangar 9 was built in 1918 during World War I and is the only wooden aircraft hangar of the 16 that were built at Brooks that remains. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark. Brooks is investing millions of dollars to rehabilitate and refurbish Hangar 9 so that future generations can continue to enjoy this historic treasure.