Board of Directors

Brooks was created in 2001 by the United States Congress, the State of Texas, and the City of San Antonio to redevelop the former Brooks Air Force Base. The 1,308-acre campus is owned and managed by the Brooks Development Authority, which is governed by an 11-member board of directors that is appointed by the San Antonio City Council.

Manuel Villa
Chair (District 6)
Michelle Krupa
Vice Chair (District 3)
Steven Goldberg
Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair (District 8)
Carlos Contreras
Planning & Development Committee Chair (District 5)
Iñigo Arzac
Planning & Development Committee Member (Mayoral)
John Jennings
Planning & Development Committee Member (District 1)
Margaret Anaglia
Finance Committee Member (District 2)
Charles Gonzalez
Planning & Development Committee Member (District 4)
David Christian
Finance Committee Member (District 7)
Tamara Tapman
Finance Committee Member (District 9)
Mike Asmus
Planning Committee Member (District 10)