86 “City Base” — it’s just Brooks.

Hello, our name is Brooks!

What happened to “City Base?” We dropped that portion of our name in 2017 so that everyone would know that our campus was open and accessible by all.

We will never forget our military roots. Case in point: the lovingly and carefully restored Hangar 9 (recently featured in a Facebook commercial). Brooks is full of history. And we are also full with the promise of future prosperity and growth.

So we became Brooks. Period. And we thought surely the shorter name would catch on. Less typing, more time to breathe between words. But people really seem attached to the extra syllables. Seems old habits are hard to break.

To help reinforce our official abbreviated name, try these simple exercises below:

1) Visit our swanky new sign at SE Military Drive and S. New Braunfels. Scream “Brooks” really loudly as you snap a pic for the ‘gram. And don’t forget that every Brooks Believer uses the tag #LiveBrooks

2) Visit our linear park The Greenline and greet the ducks and geese with a happy “Brooks!” as you see them. They’ll come right up when you do this (results not guaranteed).

3) Try a simple word-association exercise.

For instance when we say “public art” what comes to mind? Brooks of course.

How about “job opportunities?” Brooks.

San Antonio’s only therapeutic salt cave? Brooks!

Or “chill spot for a glass of wine at a restaurant called 1917.” Yep, Brooks.

What about “bilingual llamas?” Brooks. The answer is always Brooks.

4) Letter scramble: Using all of the letters B-R-O-O-K-S, what other words can you make? (Answer: None. It’s. Just. Brooks.)

The next time you are at The Greenline, sipping wine on the 1917 patio, posing with public art on campus, or chatting up llamas in Spanish, remember… just call us Brooks!

Evolution of Our Name


Brooks Established as Air Force Base


Brooks Development Authority Established


Creation of Brooks City Base


Air Force Missions Operations Cease


A New Mission - Brooks


Just Call Us Brooks

Frequently Asked Questions

Brooks City Base was a nod to the military roots of the campus and our history. Once we ceased to conduct any military functions, we wanted to reinforce that we were no longer an active base.

Our research was done over the course of many years of calls, questions and concerns that we received from the community. Primarily: “is military ID required to visit the businesses on campus?” The conclusion: Including “City Base” in the name is misleading.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are highway signs. They take time and money. Though we have plans to pay for a new sign, there always seems to be a greater need directly for our community that gets prioritized. But it’s on our list of to-do’s!

News outlets are only as correct as their resources, and when online maps, street signs, plus neighborhood businesses still utilize “City Base” it can be challenging. But we persist!

Our name is just Brooks. We are not saying they are wrong, but they are not factually correct.

Whenever you hear someone say “Brooks City Base” the best way to draw attention to their mistake, without making them feel badly, is to drop to the floor and flop like a fish out of water, while yelling “It’s just Brooks, it’s just Brooks!” This surefire method will create an indelible memory for them, forever associating Brooks with you, on the floor, writhing. It’s guaranteed to work because, science.