Authentic to its core

Throughout the changes that have come to this part of town, the South Side has never lost its pride, passion, and ambition. Longtime natives to the Brooks area are incredibly proud of where they come from and those that are new to it are drawn to their contagious authenticity.

On the pulse of a community in transition

By April Monterrosa, South Side writer and entrepreneur

Home Sweet Home

The “South Side” of San Antonio — there is so much pride and loyalty on this side of town. Those who grew up here, currently reside in the area, and those who own businesses here have formed a tight-knit, family-like bond in our city. When I tell people I am involved in my South Side community, it goes beyond social shares and articles; I actually bought the home I grew up in and live in the area myself. The South Side (District 4) has been my home for most of my life.

As a writer, entrepreneur, and influencer, I began sharing on my social media platforms about the growth and positive things happening on the South Side of San Antonio just a few years ago on my travel blog. What started out as a passion project is now a media business that is partnered with the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. I never thought my unexpected social media following that I built up in the last eight years would lead me here. My site Live From The Southside shares events, businesses, and things to do on the South Side of San Antonio, surrounding areas, and throughout Texas.

The goal of Live From The Southside is to improve and expand community relationships through the promotion of positive events, stories, and businesses. I am also a member and ambassador for the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, on the tourism committee, and on the Palo Alto College Cosmetology Advisory Board. The best thing about owning a media business that shares all things South Side is being more involved in my community, meeting fellow business owners, and connecting people to do great things. Not to mention, all the time I get to spend at the Missions, our beautiful parks, and at Brooks.

Working towards positive change

As the saying goes, “change is good” — and with all the changes that have happened and are currently happening, the opportunities for a more prosperous area are endless. Brooks is proof of that. To think the area was a closed-down military base and now full of life and opportunity is surreal. I have seen the transition up close and personal since the day Connie Gonzalez, Brooks Director of Strategy & Community Relations, personally took me on a tour when plans were in the beginning stages. From the picturesque Greenline Park to a full-service hotel and spa, Brooks is paving the way for all the great things to come to the South Side of San Antonio.

South Side San Antonio is full of talented people; I’ve connected with many at events, meetings, and even at some of our favorite restaurants. It’s my ambition that the information I share on Live from the Southside, as well as the relationships I’ve formed with the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, fellow entrepreneurs, and everyone working towards making our community stronger, inspires others to keep on building up our side of town.

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From the food to the people, Brooks is synonymous with passion. The community on the South Side is proud of their home and the authenticity that it brings. Just pay a visit to our local restaurants, like Luna Rosa, for a taste of the flavor that makes Brooks so unique.