SAN ANTONIO – The mixed-used community of Brooks is breaking ground on another facility to help attract developers of various goods.

On Thursday morning, local officials gathered in the 8200 block of Aviation Landing to mark the newest light industrial facility.

The 350,000-square foot facility was built to attract future tenants.

President and CEO of Brooks Leo Gomez said Brooks is home to nearly 40 businesses.

“We’ve got over 3,200 jobs located on what used to be the Brooks Air Force Base. Over 5,000 jobs in the surrounding neighborhoods, including Brooks campus. We are projected to have 17,000 jobs in this area by 2040,” Gomez said.

Last month, Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. opened in Brooks.

“This company is one of the top companies in the world for producing equipment that produces plastic molding machines for the auto parts industry,” Gomez said.

Officials with Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. call San Antonio the perfect location to serve their clients, and Gomez said these are exactly the jobs they want to bring.

“Skilled maintenance technicians and engineers,” Gomez said.

Gomez said he wants to continue bringing different companies in and help San Antonio as a whole.

“We’re not here just to develop a former Air Force base, just to redevelop 1,300 acres. We are here to do something that helps change southeast San Antonio and therefore contribute to the overall San Antonio economy,” Gomez said.

Article originally published here: Brooks continues to expand, adds light industrial facility