Our annual Texas 100 is a list of impactful Texans who will likely play crucial roles in the economy during the coming year.

Many powerful billionaires, business mavens and regulators don’t make this cut. Sure, there are a couple of well-known names because we think they’ll make unusual waves in the coming year. But, for the most part, this is not a list of obvious power players. In fact, there are likely several names that will be new to you. We hope that’s the case, because we’re in the business of facilitating connections.

Put simply, the professionals spotlighted in the following features are likely to be people to watch in 2023. They run the gamut, from tech entrepreneurs to real estate gurus to sports stars.

Brooks Board of Directors Treasurer Rudy D. Garza (President and CEO of CPS Energy), Board Member Robert Melvin (CEO of San Antonio Growth on the Eastside), and Chief Strategy Officer Connie Gonzalez are included in the San Antonio list of influential professionals to watch in 2023.