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Before the Job Fair

Register Ahead of Time

To prevent any hiccups, register ahead of the event date. You will have the chance to get familiar with the platform and see what companies are participating.

Research Companies in Advance

Before the job fair, check out the list of employers and pick a few that interest you most. Visit their website, social media pages, and recent news stories to learn more about the company and their work culture.

Polish Your Resume

Remember that your resume should be clean, concise, free of typos, and up to date. Make sure to have your resume in PDF format to avoid any digital re-formatting issues.

Brooks has created a general Resume Template for you to use. Click here to view.
Note: This document requires a Gmail account to edit. Click here to set up a Gmail.

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

How will you introduce yourself? Why are you interested in the company? What types of positions are you seeking? How is your previous work experience relevant? What do you plan on asking the business representatives at the job fair?

Spend an hour or two thinking through these questions and others that cross your mind, then make notes that you can keep handy during your Job Fair conversations. This helps eliminate hesitation; a well-thought-out response could impress an employer and make you a stand-out applicant.

Be sure to consider what questions you may have of the businesses you will be speaking to. Here are some handy thought starters.

During the Job Fair

Although Job Fair conversations may not be considered formal interviews (and are not a contract to hire), they are a time to make a great impression and set the stage for further discussions. Treat your time at the job fair as if it were an interview to put your best foot forward.

Dress for Success

A nice outfit not only gives a good first impression, it will also give you a confidence boost!

Have Your Qualifications Ready

If you have a certificate in a certain fields or specific job training, have those documents readily available.

After the Job Fair

Send A Thank You

Whether it’s an email, phone call or hand-written thank-you note, be sure to reach out to the employers you met, thanking them for their time and further expressing your interest. There will be many applicants and a follow-up could be the thing that sets you apart from the others. Include any relevant certificates, attachments and your resume so the employer has everything they need to consider you as a candidate.

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