My internship at Brooks

By Lilia Oxford

Hello My name is Lilia Oxford, and I am an incoming senior at East Central High School doing an Internship through SAWorks at Brooks. Working at Brooks has changed my mindset on how I perceive office jobs. Before, I used to think people who work in an office were very serious and only stared at a computer screen all day long. Now, after completing this internship for the past 2 months, I see Brooks is not just an office but a family that has a bond that is truly seen throughout the office.

What I enjoyed most working at Brooks is the comradery amongst the people and how the spirit of friendship and personality is created, and how much fun we have working as a group, together. If I could make a change with my internship, it would be to branch out and get to know more about the people I am working with at Brooks.

As a whole this internship has taught me many things such as leadership skills, communication skills, and optimism. Now that the internship has come to an end, I hope this experience helps me throughout my career journey and gives me an understanding of the meaning of passion and compassion within the work setting. In the mere future I hope to refer back to this internship as a recommendation for future jobs along the way to my future.