A young couple expecting their first child chooses Brooks for their family

With their first child due in March of this year, Addy Moreno and Felix Flores, who have been married for four years, have put some thought into what they want their future to look like. While both from San Antonio, the couple could’ve chosen to raise their family anywhere.

“I don’t think we’re going to ever move from this community,” Addy said. “We chose to stay here.”

The main draw is their connection to their heritage that is so vibrant at Brooks.

“We want our kids to grow up into the Hispanic Mexican community,” she said. “It’s such a beautiful culture.”

The couple aren’t the first generation of their families to make the decision to raise a family in San Antonio. Felix’s family lives nearby, while Addy’s grandparents live with them in their house in Mission del Lago. Every Sunday, the entire family gathers at the home.

“We make dinner and gather with Grandma and Grandpa,” she said. “They’re the rock of the family.”

Although it’s a significant part of their lives, the family ties aren’t the only reason the future parents chose to set roots at Brooks. Addy, a 4th-grade teacher and hairdresser, and Felix, a computer analyst and college student, are big fans of the developments happening around them.

From local restaurants like Luna Rosa to convenient retail like Home Depot, Addy and Felix have everything they need to live the life they dream, without driving across the city to get it.

Their favorite indulgence? Random staycations or Sunday brunches at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa, which is just a short drive from their home.

Addy is grateful to everyone who has worked to make the South Side a great place to live. She and Felix are proud to be from the area, and they’re honored to be help usher in the next generation of South Siders.

The neighborhood is growing

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