Southerleigh Chef and Founder is ready for his next adventure – this time at Brooks

“When we made the announcement to open the restaurant at Brooks, people personally thanked us for taking a chance,” said Jeff Balfour, Chef and Founder of Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery.

“But I don’t see it as taking a chance. It’s a slam dunk.”

Since the first location of his Gulf-Coast-meets-Southern-cuisine restaurant first hit the Pearl scene in 2015, Jeff Balfour has become known as one of the city’s most innovative chefs and restaurateurs. The chef chose to open the second location of his restaurant on The Greenline at Brooks for many reasons, but one that stands out the most to him is the gorgeous tree that will serve as the anchor of the open-air patio adjacent to the restaurant.

“When I saw the tree, I was immediately impressed. We’re going to build a huge deck that surrounds the tree, which will provide a very open and natural vibe right along The Greenline,” he said.

As an entrepreneur, there’s nothing more exciting than getting in at the start of something big.

After the initial introduction to the space, Jeff became more and more excited as he continued to learn about the growing community on the South Side. It didn’t take long — he knew right away it was the perfect spot to expand the Southerleigh concept.

“We take a lot of pride in the fact that we’ll be one of the first of our kind at Brooks,” said Jeff.

“We see the opportunity to put forward the local flair. That’s what excites me.”

When he says local, he means it. Jeff’s cooking includes a farm-to-table concept using locally sourced ingredients and seafood from the Texas Gulf Coast. The super fresh taste is what has made his first location at the Pearl so popular.

To add to the excitement, Southerleigh is also opening a new brewery at Brooks. Southerleigh’s new brewery will be a 6,000-square-foot facility and will include a 40-seat tap room, plus additional outdoor seating. The brewery will feature 10 rotating taps that will change seasonally to offer a wide selection of Southerleigh brews. The brewery will also allow guests to tour the facilities and see the brewing process.

The open and local-first nature of Jeff and his Southerleigh concept has met its perfect match in Brooks, an area of San Antonio that’s bursting with growth and potential. The South Side community has already welcomed Jeff with open arms and he’s thrilled to see what happens next.

For now, he knows one thing for sure: “It’s time to spread the love to the South Side.”

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