A trilingual, global professional finds her home at Brooks

From Mexico to Japan to San Antonio, Mary Carmen Dennis has lived all over the world. That means she speaks English, Spanish, and Japanese, making her invaluable to the team at Nissei Plastic Machinery America, Inc. at Brooks. Not only is it the perfect job for her particular set of skills, but she feels part of a family at Nissei. 

“I love working here,” she said. “We have a lot of positive people who really want to learn new things.”

In the few years she’s lived at Brooks, Mary Carmen appreciates how they are trying to make a better environment for the South Side, by attracting companies like Nissei that provide high-quality jobs. 

“These new companies are always looking for people with the skills to do the work,” she said. “And there are a lot of skilled people in San Antonio.”

The unique combination of learning Spanish and Japanese is the result of her upbringing. After living in Mexico for many years, Mary Carmen moved to Japan when her dad began getting his doctorate. After she graduated, she stuck around and enrolled in Hokkaido University to study international business. 

Later, while working for a Japanese company back in Mexico, Mary Carmen met her husband, and soon the pair moved to San Antonio where they work at Nissei together. When they’re not at work, they love to exercise at The Greenline, which is a short walk from their apartment at The Kennedy. 

“We fell in love with the apartment the first time we opened the door. And it’s convenient how close it is to the park, shops, and restaurants,” Mary Carmen said.

The close cultural ties that San Antonio shares with Mexico is a nostalgic reminder of the country she spent so many years in. The food, people, and even the vibrant colors make her think of home.

“San Antonio feels like home because of my Mexican heritage,” she said. “I love San Antonio and Brooks is my oasis.”

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